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Control Functions to Specify the Varying Parameters for an Ising Grid.


single_threshold(pos, seq, .f = `*`)

single_wei(pos, seq, .f = `*`)

all_thresholds(seq, .f = `*`)

whole_weiadj(seq, .f = `*`)

beta_list(seq, .f = `*`)



The position of the single threshold or the weight value that should vary across Ising networks. Should be a single number for single_threshold() or a numeric vector of length 2 for single_wei().


A vector that specify the values. Can be generated with base::seq().


What calculation should be done for seq and the original threshold value(s) or the original weight(ed adjacency matrix)? * by default, which means the values supplied in seq will be multiplied to the original value, vector, or matrix.


An ctrl_* object specifying the varying parameters.