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Specify one or two varying parameters for Ising networks. The output of make_Ising_grid() can be used to make landscapes of multiple networks.


make_Ising_grid(par1, par2 = NULL, thresholds, weiadj, beta = 1)


par1, par2

Generated from one of single_threshold(), all_thresholds(), single_wei(), [whole_weiadj()], or [beta_list()]. Use par2 = NULL` if you only want to vary one parameter.

thresholds, weiadj

The thresholds and the weighted adjacency matrix of the Ising network. If you have an IsingFit object estimated using IsingFit::IsingFit(), you can find those two parameters in its components (<IsingFit>$thresholds and <IsingFit>$weiadj).


The \(\beta\) value for calculating the Hamiltonian.


An Ising_grid object that is based on a tibble and contains the information of all simulation conditions.


There are five possible ways to vary the parameters for Ising networks, corresponding to five control functions:

See make_Ising_grid-control-functions for details.